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election. and it's polarization that has seeped into our own community. we've had a number of flash points in our community in the last few years and what's been important to make clear is that jcrc has always been the holder of civil discourse, because we've always brought together those diverse voices. so we've played an ever increasingly important role in helping navigate tough community issues that have arisen when there have been sharp disagreements over a particular speaker or a particular event and whether this individual should be allowed or this event should be allowed to be held within the community. and jcrc has been able to come in as a voice to help build consensus around how to go forward and also to model civil discourse. in fact, about a year ago, we completed a year of civil discourse, which touched almost every corner of our community. and i think it has greatly helped address that. and i guess maybe the last trend i'll mention among many is when i started, there was no internet, there were no personal computers. and now everyone has a voice. and that makes it sometimes m
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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